One Tree Per Person is a small US based nonprofit headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. We are the product of nearly two decades in volunteer environmental restoration work by Future Forestry founder Russell Ringland, and founder Wil Revehl. In that timeframe, Southwest Florida has consistently been in the top ten fastest growing regions in the United States. We have witnessed the pace of deforestation and urban sprawl firsthand and made it our mission to try and replace as many trees as humanly possible.

This work now takes on a greater urgency after the earth shattering 2015 report, Mapping Tree Density in the Journal Science which discovered our species is responsible for deforestation at a pace not previously imagined. With a tree deficit of over 11 billion each year and Florida being on the front-lines of sea level rise, is committed to reforesting at a pace worthy of such urgency. We're here with the mission of planting one tree per person, per year. Together we can reverse deforestation and combat climate change.

Please, sponsor a tree today. Thank you.

Our Team


Wil Revehl


Ashley Jarzyk



Jason Hicks

Vice President


Cat Chase

Community Chair


Lisa De Freitas


Rachel Revehl