15 billion trees are cut down each year.

Less than 4 billion are planted.

11 billion are never replaced.

One by one, we can change this.

One by one, we can save our planet.

One Tree is starting this mission in Southwest Florida.


Globally, humans have an enormous tree debt of more than 3 trillion. We must dig our way out of this.

This means ONE TREE per person, per year.

That's right. 7 billion trees, every year. In Florida, it means 22 million, annually. We will plant them for you. But we can't do it without you.

Those are BIG numbers! But why care?

Trees are the lungs of our planet, purifying and cooling the air, water and earth. At its healthiest, Earth had about 6 trillion. We’re down to 3 trillion. Our planet is surviving on 50 percent “lung capacity." Do nothing, and in 100 years (two generations) we'll be at 30 percent. We'll see ecosystems collapse and mass extinctions. We must reverse course. Now.

Florida is among the first and most heavily-impacted states. The Everglades was triple its current size 150 years ago. Population rise, pollution and deforestation have given way to devastating water crises, lethal algae blooms and freakishly powerful storms. Trees can help - if we're quick about it.

We must each make the promise of one tree per-year. One Tree is dedicated to this goal - starting on Florida's Gulf Coast.


This is not a hopeless cause. Trees will do their part.

The nice thing about trees: They really want to be here! Trees drop countless seeds each year. 99.9% of those seeds never become trees. Humans, destructive a force as we can be, also have an amazing ability to change that. We can nurture seeds into viable trees. If we reach HALF our goal, maybe, just maybe, we can maintain the current state of our planet without more significant decline.

OneTree.org, an all-volunteer 501c3 headquartered in Fort Myers, is committed to digging - and planting and watering and nurturing - our way closer to this reality.

Ways you can help:

Paying for trees, transportation, and supplies is our most significant and ongoing need.

Donations of labor are our second most essential contribution. The more volunteers we have, the more trees we can plant, faster.

Namesake Sponsors

We welcome corporate, non-profit and private philanthropic sponsorships and fundraisers on many Projects & Planting Plots.

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Land Access rights

Join our 50+50 program to allow (re)foresting of your property, lot or corridor. A minimum 1/4th acre is required to support our minimum of 50 trees.

Understanding the Science

As with anything human-caused, there is often skepticism regarding the cause-and-effect of climate change, and with tree counts, it's literally difficult to "see the forest for the trees" when no  organization can possibly count every tree on the planet. But while tree statistics are inevitably approximate, satellite imagery and other tech advances allow us a better sense of our impact on the planet.

One Tree estimates are based on the most conservative of global scientific expert consensus. Unfortunately, that means the hourglass sands may run out even sooner. In Florida, the impact is already showing in our warmer seas and fiercer, more frequent storms.

The Canary in the Coal Mine

Learn about our planting projects.

One Tree is a grassroots, community volunteer organization rooted in Fort Myers, Florida USA. Florida is currently our primary planting region - though we hope to grow! Thanks to various local sponsors, we have planted over 10,000 trees in Southwest Florida.  We hope you'll join us.

Please check out our various planting projects to learn more.