Where We're at & Where We're Headed

OneTree.org is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida USA. Florida is the 3rd most populated state in the U.S and has experienced fast and consistent population growth year after year for the decades since air-conditioning. With this, has come significant clearcutting to accommodate development.

We are currently planting the large U.S State of Florida, primarily in the Southwest and Central parts of the state where land is more affordable and community development is newer. We welcome land rights offers outside of Florida, but do not expect to plant outside the state within the next 5 years.

General Guidelines = The 50+50 Program

A minimum of 1/4th acre (in any shape) is required to ensure our minimum of 50 trees can be planted. The tree stand must be safe, in good faith, from future cutting for a minimum of 50 years. Future Forestry is NOT a free landscaping company. Reforestation is only practical when large volumes of tree saplings can be moved and planted by hand. We commonly have access arrangements with counties and municipalities to plant environmental easements along roadways where near-future development is not anticipated. Thank you very much for your consideration.

If you would like to offer arrangements to plant your property or connect with us to explore future possibilities, please contact us.