Troop 226, in conjunction with, is pleased to announce the first annual tree planting with the Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida.


Gulfcoast Girl Scouts can play a part in beautifying our parks and demonstrating environmental leadership while leaving a lasting legacy for our troops of tomorrow.

Event Details

Friday, May 31st 4p-8p
Lakes Regional Park
7330 Gladiolus Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908, with cooperation from Lakes Park, will be hosting a very special Girl Scouts Tree Planting. Planting trees is a great way to give back to the community and the planet as they play a critical role in filtering our air and water. They also provide habitat to wildlife and make the park a more beautiful place to enjoy. We're so excited to plant trees with the girls at this very special park and imagine the day they'll marvel at the trees they planted as kids.

Sponsorship Options: Trees can be planted by each girl individually, on behalf of the whole troop, with additional family members, or a combination of any. Lakes Park has given us space to accomodate 80 trees for this inaugural event. Parents are encouraged to attend. Exact tree species will vary depending on availability & planting location. Troops who do not wish to sponsor trees can still lend a hand by working together to help others with soil, mulch, water, supply and safety.

Please note: Any child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for duration of the planting.

Trees will be delivered to the planting area prior to the event. They will be grouped by troop. In the event a tree dies, we will replace it.

Shovels, buckets, wheelbarrows and water will be provided but may need to be shared depending on turnout.

We realize many parents have to work. The event will run from 4p-8p to allow for flexible arrival times. Please share your ETA with your troop leadership.

Proper apparel for tree planting includes closed toed shoes, pants and gloves.

A pavilion will be available to store your belongings. Food and drinks welcome. Please bring your own water.

The planting site map and parking passes will be provided closer to the event date.

The event will take place rain or shine, unless lightning is detected.

Parents are encouraged to attend & required for children under 14. This is for the safety and success of the planting.

Sponsorship Options

To join in the fun, please reserve your trees below by selecting the types you want to sponsor. From here, you can adjust quantities in the cart to complete your order. We'll collect your troop details in the checkout. If you need to return to make multiple orders or would like to share the opportunity with families, we will bundle the final order upon delivery to the event.

Ordering is now closed. We look forward to the big planting day!

Common Native

4 Available.

Common Natives are the most important tree we plant. These really are the worker trees for the benefit of nature. Examples include maple, oak, pine, cypress & cedar, but may contain countless other interesting species to add variety to the planting site. Your order will include a single gallon tree, mulch and water delivered to Lakes Park for an individual to plant.

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Flowering Native

19 Available.

The Flowering Native trees are a wonderful way to add color to the visitor experience of Lakes Park. These trees will enjoy premium placement along walkways and closer to the visible areas of the planting sites. Examples include magnolia, acacia, dogwood, holly. Your order will include a single gallon tree, mulch and water delivered to Lakes Park for an individual to plant.

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Flowering Heirloom

Sold Out – Thank you!

Limited to one per-troop. The Flowering Heirloom trees are earmarked for the burgeoning botanical garden section of Lakes Park. These trees are more rare and intended to be unique specimens to showcase at the park. Examples include various flowering trees like that of the Cassia, Verawood and Poinciana. Your purchase comes with a 10-25gal tree with a nursery warranty. The tree is permitted a placard at the park listing the common and scientific name of the tree and the sponsor’s troop number.

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Volunteer Guide

We encourage leaders & parents to read the following prior to the event. There will be a printed copy associated with the sign-in sheet where volunteers will execute the waiver.
Safety Guidelines

Volunteering with Benefit Earth, Inc. on behalf of as well as with our affiliate planting partners is a wonderful way to give back to the community, enjoy the outdoors, learn and get a workout. We have planted thousands of trees with volunteers of all ages and have a safety record with zero incidents. To keep up this record, we need every one of our Volunteers to be aware of the risks involved in tree planting and the steps you can take to prevent injury.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Listen and look for moving vehicles, machines and other heavy equipment. Watch out for fellow volunteers who may be carrying heavy items or tools. Give right of way to those moving heavier loads. If heavy equipment is present, you must stay a minimum of 15 feet from the machine and do not pass the circumference of it without clear acknowledgement from the operator or a safety coordinator.
  2. Watch your step. Planting sites often have holes dug in the ground. Step carefully looking for landscaping materials such as shovels, buckets, rakes, stakes and other loose items around the tree planting site. You do not want to inadvertently step on or in anything that may cause falls or cuts. Running on a planting site is not permitted.
  3. Lift with your legs. Do not lift weight beyond your comfort level. Wheelbarrows, buckets, shovels, pitchforks, bags, buckets, trees and other planting items can exceed 50 pounds when loaded. Take caution to gauge what you are comfortable moving by hand.
  4. Hydrate. Volunteer Activities typically take place outdoors in the Florida heat. Volunteers are responsible for their own water supply. Please drink an appropriate amount of fluids when exerting yourself on planting sites.
  5. Monitor for biting and stinging insects. Bees, wasps, ants and other bugs live outdoors and will protect their habitats or bite for food. Be on the lookout for those habitats and biting bugs. If you have a sensitivity to stings, be prepared with adequate sprays and any medicines needed for allergic reactions.
  6. Wear proper attire. Closed toes shoes are required. Boots are encouraged. Pants, gloves, long sleeves and hats are encouraged. Protect yourself from common hazards such as thorns, blisters, splinters, sunburn and abrasions.
  7. Be careful handling landscaping tools and be mindful of those around you. Do not have your hands down near shovels or other sharp tools. Do not dig where hands are at ground level. Tools should be carried with their sharp ends pointing down at all times. Do not leave your assigned tools unattended. Tools must be returned to the supply piles when you are done with them.
  8. Do not climb or stand on top of equipment or delivered piles. This includes wheelbarrows, tanks, trucks, heavy machinery, temporary stages, buckets, soil, mulch or any other elevations that could put you at risk of a fall or cause damage to the materials.

Have fun while being safe. Paying attention to your surroundings and the movement of others is the best way to ensure the event goes smoothly and without incident. We sincerely appreciate you volunteering with us and are excited to have you at the scheduled event.

Release of Liability
Publicity Release

If you have additional service hours to share, or want to return to help care for your new tree, please Like us on Facebook to watch for what's next.


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